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Is CAPS right for me?

At the Andover Center for Advanced Professional Studies, you truly get out of the program what you put into it! Each student experience, while having certain learning in common with others, is uniquely tuned to the individual student's interest(s).

CAPS is not just a college preparatory program. It is not just a career preparatory program. Its main focus is to be a life happiness preparatory program. By giving you choice in your learning, presenting you with opportunities to expand your learning and connecting you to industry professionals you are provided with the building blocks to go further into a career you will enjoy.

Through connections and opportunities, your CAPS experience should establish a personal learning network that you can reach back out to and ask questions when you are struggling in a class in college or in your job right out of high school. 

Some CAPS courses are eligible for college credit. Contact Brian Gregoire at for more information.

Requirements for CAPS:

  • Attain junior or senior status.
  • Have a desire to work in a profession-based, real-world environment with other Andover High School and Andover Central High School students.
  • Be willing to comply with business ethics (e.g. attendance) and dress codes determined by the type of CAPS program they are involved in.
  • Be willing to spend three periods a day away from their home high school.
  • Be able to provide their own transportation to CAPS and business partner sites.

Interested students can reach out to Brian Gregoire at to discuss how CAPS fits into your high school journey and set up a tour of the CAPS facility. To enroll in CAPS, please visit your high school counselor.


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Student experiences

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